Would You Replace Your Car Stereo With Another OEM / Factory Unit?

I did not think so.

Our story is about maximizing performance and value. About finding the sweet spot. And that sweet spot is about having a part of your network that will last a lifetime. 

TenFourOptics are designed and manufactured to exceed all OEM SFP products. Better materials and componentry throughout (diodes, chipsets, etc) enables us to offer a Lifetime 24hr Replacement Guarantee. True set it and forget it.

When an OEM gets a factory to build something, they put out a tender with requirements and minimum specifications. After reviewing the the replies, the contract is generally awarded to the factory that can meet the minimum specification with the lowest price. No big surprises there, but how can they manage to do that? Simple, cheaper materials to create cheaper components. OEM is the basic standard for us to build above. As in many industries OEM is the simple choice for those that are fine with medium and do not follow the concept of value, quality or performance.

But today's professionals want to reach higher. We want to work together to advance ourselves. We want to be a better version than the last, we want to strengthen our communities, uplift our teams and do more.

What could you do with the money potentially saved on transceivers? What about the money spent on warranties? Could your employee retention programs use it? Could you train better? Could you help your community? How about the bottom line? So why pay for a VAR and wait for distribution to ship?

Let us build with you.

All the best!

Brent Anhel